Our production process is inspired by people who care about where their food comes from, how it was grown, how it arrived on their plates and how it impacts their health.

Frozen Vegetables & Fruits (IQF)

In Food Processing Industry, IQF stands for Individual Quick Freezing, indicating to each individual piece of food frozen separately from each other’s. Originally developed as a specific solution to block or cluster freezing of small-sized products, to preserve quality and to give unparalleled convenience to endusers. This method of freezing has a unique ability as it freezes all its components individually by keeping them separate from each other. This makes it easy to individually freeze and store products like peaches, berries, grapes, corn, peas, fish, shrimp and poultry products.

Frozen Red Onion

Ready to use, Indian Red & White onions from Maharashtra. Perfect pungency, aroma, and right balance of sweetness and sharpness. Can be used directly in soups, for sautéing, in curries and gravy.

Frozen White Onion

Natural white colour and pungent. Even sized slices, without damage or breakage. It has natural crispiness and typical sharp flavour. Due to its taste it is widely recommended for meat gravy preparations.

Frozen Peeled Garlic

With our IQF Frozen Garlic Cloves, no more peeling and, and no more smelly hands!

Frozen Ginger

Indian Ginger is a popular ingredient in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. It has also been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Possible health benefits.

Frozen Tomato

Ripened tangy red tomatoes are best used in all types of cooking. Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits.

Frozen Bitter Gourd

Locally cultivated bitter gourd, has the taste of soil with high nutritive value. It is de-seeded and cut into slices . Ideal for all culinary and catering uses.

Frozen Lady Finger

Tender, Green & Fresh Okra. Our IQF Okra can be used directly for stir fry, in dry curries, for grilling, in creoles and pickles.

Frozen Cauliflower

Plump, crisp, white and full of flavor. Can be used directly in Continental, Middle Eastern, Asian and Indian cuisines.

Frozen White Pumpkin

It belongs to the gourd family- Cucurbitaceae and is a running or climbing vine. The fruit is harvested young and used as a vegetable. It has a light green smooth skin and a white inner flesh.

Frozen Red Pumpkin

Farm fresh pumpkins are procured at harvest, peeled and cut into dices and frozen fresh. Rich in natural sugars and nutrients, IQF Pumpkin Dices can be used in Sambar, Avial, Curries and in Pies and Tarts, just like fresh pumpkin.

Elephant Foot Yam (Suran)

Elephant foot yam also known as Suran has a delicious tuber root that is full of nutrition and carries multiple medicinal benefits for the prevention and cure.

Frozen Egg Plant

Eggplant is a popular vegetable and a good source of antioxidants.It has a unique taste and texture making it an ideal ingredient in a variety of dishes. Whether you plan to bake, broil or grill this fruit, you’ll receive a ton of nutrients and health benefits

Frozen Ivy Gourd

Hand Harvested, cleaned, blanched and IQF, Ivy Gourd is known for the best recipes.

Frozen Carrot

Carrot is one of the important crops of the world. Sweet taste and high nutrition value includes Beta carotene, Vitamins and fiber content. Diced carrots are must for all kitchens and chefs

Frozen Beetroot

Dark Purple colour of Beetroot explains about its excellent source of Folate and Manganese in it. Directly procured from the farms, cleaned, diced, blanched and processed. Beetroot is an essential ingredient for salads, soups, pickle & juices.

Frozen Indian Green Chilli

The SHU count of green chilli gives fantastic taste to the end product. Procured and processed during the peak season and served round the year makes the taste consistent and familiar for the end user.

Frozen Drumstick

Drumstick like other green vegetables, is loaded with a number of nutrients with both Medicinal/Health benefits. Drumstick is rich in fibre, lipids, carbohydrates, protein and ash.

Frozen Spinach

Best quality, farm fresh, crisp, green and cleaned Spinach leaves are IQF frozen. Our Spinach leaves can be used just like fresh spinach in soups, purees, as pizza toppings, in salads and sides.

Frozen Green Peas

A quick growing, sweet and starchy green little balls called peas can do wonder if you include them in your meals.It an outstanding food that contains high levels of protein and fibre. These peas are best green and clean selected and IQF packed in a way that is very easy to store

Frozen Cut Beans

Young, tender green beans are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin K and silicon.These fresh legumes couldn’t be more versatile in the kitchen. Use them to add crunch and color to salads, stir-fries, pastas, casseroles, and so much more.

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Our exports premium quality frozen IQF vegetables are mixed in an appropriate ratio under hygienic condition and packing as per the requirements of customer. The IQF Products are put through a sieve, inspected, packed and fed through a metal detector and transferred to cold store.

Frozen Spring Onion

Delicate, pungent and crisp Spring Onions are cleaned, cut into dices and IQF frozen. The dices are evenly separate in the pack. It is used in Asian and Chinese cuisines directly from the pack to the wok.

Frozen Coriander Leaves

Fragrant, firm and crisp Coriander leaves sourced fresh, cleaned and frozen. IQF technology ensures that the Coriander leaves are separate in the pack and there are no lumps. Can be used in Salads, Chutneys, for flavoring and garnishing.

Frozen Mango

Ripe, sweet, fleshy and juicy; only the best quality Indian Mangoes are chosen and frozen at peak harvest.